Assisting highly sensitive people in validating, grounding and cultivating

their extraordinary gifts and experiences.

Dr. Megan Rose

Dr. Megan Rose has spent most of her life working with and trying to understand subtle forces and healing energy. She is a practitioner-scholar of eco-spirituality and divine embodiment practices, and is the co-founder and Executive Director of the Entheosis Institute, a non-profit organization. Megan Rose is devoted to bringing her years of research and embodiment practice to help to co-create a world that works for everyone. Her private practice specializes in transformational psychology, holistic healing, divine embodiment practices, and eco-spirituality.

"Megan has stretched the reach of her incredible brain and birthed a doctoral voice of spiritual union and magical alchemy. This brings all of us forward. Now, she peers into the eye of the ever-becoming as more wisdom, more guidance, and more clarity comes forth for the next steps. We who love and celebrate her will walk with her all the way and celebrate every petal unfurling on the flower of her becoming as her Starwalker descends to change the world." 


-- Orion Foxwood, Traditional Witchcraft Elder. Founder of the House of Brigh Institute of Faery Seership and author of The Faery Teachings and Tree of Enchantments.

Transpersonal coaching and intuitive guidance combine to deepen your self-knowledge

Deep inquiry into your co-creative relationship to Earth and your Otherworldly allies

Embodied tools and practices to cultivate a more radiant and nourished self

Teaching and training in the areas of Paganism, Embodied Spirituality and Entheosis




Holistic Healing


Recent Events

02/17/20: "Spirit Marriage: Cultivating a Bonded Relationship with Spirits." Pantheacon. 11am. San Jose, CA

12/06/19: "The Celtic Faery Faith: Meeting Our Extraordinary Ancestors." San Francisco Theosophical Society. 7pm. SF, CA

03/29/19: "Spirit Marriage: A Phenomenological, Transcultural Inquiry into Intimate Relationships Between Humans and Supernatural Beings." Supernatural Studies Association. Yonkers, NY


02/23/19: "Cultivating a Bonded Relationship With Spirit." Grindstone Wellness Center. Lyndonville, VT


02/18/19: "Re-wilding the Pagan Soul: Connecting to our Ancestors in Albion." Pantheacon. San Jose, CA

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