Recent Events

03/13/20: "Re-wilding the Witch's Soul: Albion, Terra-Psychology and the Epigenetic Memory of Place." Assoc. for the Study of Women and Mythology. Albuquerque, NM.

02/17/20: "Spirit Marriage: Cultivating a Bonded Relationship with Spirits." Pantheacon. 11am. San Jose, CA

12/06/19: "The Celtic Faery Faith: Meeting Our Extraordinary Ancestors." San Francisco Theosophical Society. 7pm. SF, CA

03/29/19: "Spirit Marriage: A Phenomenological, Transcultural Inquiry into Intimate Relationships Between Humans and Supernatural Beings." Supernatural Studies Association. Yonkers, NY


02/23/19: "Cultivating a Bonded Relationship With Spirit." Grindstone Wellness Center. Lyndonville, VT


02/18/19: "Re-wilding the Pagan Soul: Connecting to our Ancestors in Albion." Pantheacon. San Jose, CA

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Normalizing the Paranormal
Assisting highly sensitive people in validating, grounding and cultivating their extraordinary gifts and experiences.
Dr. Megan Rose
Transformational Psychologist. Pagan Scholar.
EcoSpiritual Priestess. Holistic Healer.

Dr. Megan Rose has spent most of her life working with and trying to understand subtle forces and healing energy. She is a practitioner-scholar of eco-spirituality and divine embodiment practices, and is the co-founder and Executive Director of the Entheosis Institute, a non-profit organization. Megan Rose is devoted to bringing her years of research and embodiment practice to help to co-create a world that works for everyone. Her private practice specializes in transformational psychology, holistic healing, divine embodiment practices, and eco-spirituality.

"Reaching out—or perhaps reaching in—to the in-dwelling of a spirit empowers us to move beyond our previously held beliefs about reality and encourages us to look with new eyes at the horizon of possibility. The world around us becomes animated with many varied mysteries just waiting to be touched."

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